Monday, July 30, 2012

welcome to another summer reprise from composers radio:

1 Anders Hillborg
Mouyayoum (1983) Duration: 12 min
Swedish Radio Choir, Ragnar Bohlin conductor
Visions and non thoughts
Caprice CAP 21816
2 B Tommy Andersson
Shall I compare Thee to a Summer's Day (2002) Duration: 4 min 11 sec
Swedish Radio Choir, Peter Dijkstra conductor
Phono Suecia  PSCS 178
3 Gabriella Gullin
Ave Maria (1988) Duration: 5 min 37 sec
S:t Clara Youth Choir, Mark Fahlsjö organ, Gabriella Gullin conductor
Songs Astray
Gullin Productions 2006
4 Kristina Forsman
Advent - ett hopp om yttre fred och inre frid (2005) Duration: 7 min 56 sec
Gustav Vasa Chamber Choir, students from Adolf Fredriks Choir, Lars Fredén conductor
Not Published
5 Sven-David Sandström   Interview!
A new song of love (2009) Duration: 3 min 53 sec
Swedish Radio Choir, Peter Dijkstra conductor
Nordic Sounds
Channel Classics CCS SA 29910
6 Sven-David Sandström 
Lobet den Herrn (2003) Duration:7 min 41 sec
Swedish Radio Choir, Marika Scheele conductor
Nordic Sounds
Channel Classics CCS SA 29910

Sunday, July 22, 2012

this week

welcome to this weeks reprise from 2011

1 Leilei Tian
Illusion Réelle (2003) Duration: 10 min 23 sec
Vincent David saxophone
Not Published
2 Ingvar Karkoff
Tzivaeri (1995) Duration: 3 min 5 sec
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
Phono Suecia  PSSACD 146
3 Farangis Nurulla-Khoja
Giuoco piano (2006) Duration: 10 min 4 sec
Miroir des vents
Collection Q8 CQ 0908
4 Gunnar Jansson
Quartet No 1: Part 1 (1996) Duration: 3 min 14 sec
Rollin' Phones
Phono Suecia PSCD 187
5 Mattias Sköld   Interview!
Far North (2009) Duration: 10 min 23 sec
Johannes Thorell saxophone
Recorded at the Element studio
Not Published'

Saturday, July 14, 2012


welcome to a brand new show featuring the members of syntjuntan together and individually - electronics, noise and flutes!

1 Syntjuntan
ellen (2009)   Duration: 4 min 4 seconds
Ida Lundén, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Ann Rosén live-electronics
Syntjuntan Early Years
Elektron Records EM 1015
2 Ann Rosén
Chalk (2011)   Duration: 6 min 57 seconds
thimble noise
Firework Edition Records FER 1097
3 Ida Lundén
hlp (2009)  Duration: 10 min 25 seconds
Anna Svensdotter flute
Alpha Waves
SFZ Records SFZ 1016   To be released in October 2012
4 Lise-Lotte Norelius
Hints from the lady of the mine (2003)   Duration: 14 min
In Sea
Firework Edition Records FER 1057
5 Syntjuntan
elsy (2009)    Duration: 10 min 18 seconds
Ida Lundén, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Ann Rosén live-electronics
Syntjuntan Early Years
Elektron Records EM 1015

Friday, July 06, 2012

this weeks show

welcome to a fine show from december 2010 - to cool you in the summer heat......

1 Jan Sandström
The Singing Apes of Khao Yai (1991)
Orphei Drängar, Robert Sund conductor
The Singing Apes

2 Fredrik Ed
Yl  (1994)
Ars Nova
Ars Nova all digital
db Productions dbpcd17

3 Jonas Forssell
The Kingdom of Animals (2001/2006)
Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Tuomas Ollila conductor, Staffan Mårtensson basset clarinet
Clarinetto con Forza
Phono Suecia PSCD 168

4 Marie Samuelsson
Troll (1993)
Linköpings orkesterförening, Mika Eichenholz conductor
Contemporary Swedish Music for Amateur Orchestra
Svensk Musik  INFOGRAM-030

5 Hanna Hartman
Plåtmås (2003)
Komplott  Escudre09

6 André Chini
Surströmmingsrap(p)  (2000)
the pearls before swıne experience
Swıne Live
Caprice CAP 21715