Friday, September 30, 2011

this weeks show - kings and queens

kings and queens, orchestras and ensembles, instruments and electronics and an interview with karin rehnqvist - welcome!

1 Anders Hultqvist
The queen went into the parlour eating bread and honey (2000) Duration: 11 min 51 sec
Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra
Norbotten Rhapsody
Prophone Records SCD 1130

2 Maria Löfberg
Salve Regina (1999) Duration: 3 min 22 sec
Mats Bertilsson: Hjo Church Youth Choir
Salve Regina
Caprice CAP 21751

3 Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Possible Detection Of… Duration: 7 min 22 sec
Sound Art 2
Infogram Infogram 045/1

4 Miklós Maros
Symphony No. 1, Part II: Marcia funèbre (1974) Duration: 4 min 23 sec
Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Miklós Maros conductor
Miklós Maros
Phono Suecia PSCD 23

5 Karin Rehnqvist Interview!
Salve Regina - Heavenly Queen (2007) Duration: 15 min 20 sec
Nederlands Kamerkoor och Nieuw Ensemble, Ed Spanjard conductor
Not Published


Saturday, September 24, 2011

this week

welcome and enjoy!

1 Åke Parmerud
Grooves (2011) Duration: 9 min 10 sec
Not Published

2 Mirjam Tally
Autumn Whispers (2009) Duration: 10 min 30 sec
Monika Mattiesen flutes, Küberstuudio: Anto Õnnis percussion, Martti Raide synth, Margo Kõlar & Mirjam Tally electronics, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Risto Joost conductor
Mirjam Tally - Eclipse CD
Wessmans Musikförlag MT0001

3 Pavol Simai
BRIDGES Part I: Arches (1992) Duration: 5 min 42 sec
The Prague Woodwind Quintet, Daniel Wiesner piano
Phono Suecia PSCD 123

4 Ole Lützow-Holm
Da sotto terra (1995) Duration: 13 min 32 sec
Anna Lindal violin
Phono Suecia PSCD 60

5 Kent Tankred
From Alpha to Omega and back again, Part I (1997) Duration: 3 min 50 sec
Firework Edition Records FER 1006


Friday, September 16, 2011

this week

hi gain, and welcome to choirs and sven david sandström! enjoy the show....

1 Anders Hillborg
Mouyayoum (1983) Duration: 12 min
Swedish Radio Choir, Ragnar Bohlin conductor
Visions and non thoughts
Caprice CAP 21816

2 B Tommy Andersson
Shall I compare Thee to a Summer's Day (2002) Duration: 4 min 11 sec
Swedish Radio Choir, Peter Dijkstra conductor
Phono Suecia PSCS 178

3 Gabriella Gullin
Ave Maria (1988) Duration: 5 min 37 sec
S:t Clara Youth Choir, Mark Fahlsjö organ, Gabriella Gullin conductor
Songs Astray
Gullin Productions 2006

4 Kristina Forsman
Advent - ett hopp om yttre fred och inre frid (2005) Duration: 7 min 56 sec
Gustav Vasa Chamber Choir, students from Adolf Fredriks Choir, Lars Fredén conductor
Not Published

5 Sven-David Sandström Interview!
A new song of love (2009) Duration: 3 min 53 sec
Swedish Radio Choir, Peter Dijkstra conductor
Nordic Sounds
Channel Classics CCS SA 29910

6 Sven-David Sandström
Lobet den Herrn (2003) Duration:7 min 41 sec
Swedish Radio Choir, Marika Scheele conductor
Nordic Sounds
Channel Classics CCS SA 29910


Sunday, September 11, 2011

this weeks show

welcome to this weeks show

1 Pär Lindgren
Islands (1997)
Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Christian Lindberg trombone, Alan Gilbert conductor
Tonsättarfestival 1999
Svensk Musik/Infogram INFO-038

2 Paula af Malmborg Ward
Il gallo cortense Part 3: Guido la guida (2008)
Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey conductor
Not Published

3 Daniel Börtz
Trumpet Concerto -Songs and Dances, Part I: Energico (1994-95)
Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Gilbert Varga conductor, Håkan Hardenberger Trumpet
Håkan Hardenberger plays Swedish Trumpet Concertos

4 Ulf Grahn
Vid Ales stenar (2005)
Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Robert Ian Winstin conductor
ERM Media Masterworks no 15
ERM Media December 2009

5 Lars-Åke Franke-Blom
Endymion (1997/2000)
Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Phono Suecia PSCD 054


Friday, September 02, 2011

this weeks radio

welcome to this weeks offering from composers radio:

1 Leilei Tian
Illusion Réelle (2003) Duration: 10 min 23 sec
Vincent David saxophone
Not Published

2 Ingvar Karkoff
Tzivaeri (1995) Duration: 3 min 5 sec
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
Phono Suecia PSSACD 146

3 Farangis Nurulla-Khoja
Giuoco piano (2006) Duration: 10 min 4 sec
Miroir des vents
Collection Q8 CQ 0908

4 Gunnar Jansson
Quartet No 1: Part 1 (1996) Duration: 3 min 14 sec
Rollin' Phones
Phono Suecia PSCD 187

5 Mattias Sköld Interview!
Far North (2009) Duration: 10 min 23 sec
Johannes Thorell saxophone
Recorded at the Element studio
Not Published